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21 January 2018

Install Endless OS inside Windows

Endless OS is a Debian based Linux derivative. It is built on top of the Linux kernel and other open source technologies (Chromium, GNOME, GRUB, GTK, Pulse Audio, Rufus, Systemd, XOrg, Yelp, and many more). Unlike most Linux distributions, it uses a read-only root file system managed by OS Tree and Flatpak for application delivery and update. The user interface is based on a highly modified GNOME desktop environment.
(Source : wikipedia)

System requirement & others details :

Click for Endless Support Centre

Download link :

To install it inside the windows OS then download from below link.

If you want an ISO image file then download from below link. (Select Download from Linux or Mac)

Lets install it inside the Windows OS..

Download the file from above link & open it.

Click on Install Endless

I am selecting Basic version here. You may select whatever you like.

You need minimum 16 Gb disk space in your C drive. Select 16 Gb and Next.

Depending on your internet speed & system performance it may take some time to download. After downloading it will automatically start installing.

After successfully installation restart your PC and select Endless OS. Every time your PC will ask you which OS to boot whenever you power on.

If you want to remove Endless OS from your system then go to Windows Uninstall center ( Program & Features) & remove it.

Thats it..Enjoy your new OS.😎😎😎😎😎😎

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