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15 March 2017

Use whatsapp without your mobile number

Use USA number for your WhatsApp Messenger

Thats right.Its possible.You can use whatsApp without using your mobile number.
I just tested this process and its working.
You can check this process on your existing WhatsApp or use parallel Space app (recommended) for dual
WhatsApp in same phone.
* How to use  parallel Space app ?
Download  parallel Space app from play store –> Open this app and select + button to add an app and follow the instruction.
Note : If you are using MI phone then you don’t need parallel space app. Just go to settings
and select dual app feature.
Take a backup if you want to use this process on your existing whatsapp.
I recommend you to use parallel space app.
Now follow the process.
1.Install Primo app from play store (Click here to download).

2.Open primo and signup using your valid mobile no and email.
3.Goto primo Menu and select Rewards.
4.Now add your data like Birthday,Hometown,Location,Gender,Email and follow the instruction.
5.Verify your mail id from your mail inbox.
6.After all these process successfully done you will get a USA phone number start with +1

7. Open WhatsApp and register this USA no.
8.You will receive a whatsapp verification code on Primo app.
Select call Me if you are not getting any verification code.

9.Verify it and use USA no for your WhatsApp.
Thats all. Enjoy & have fun.

Comment below for any help.

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